Spring Fishing 2015 Giveaway [Ends 5/30]

Do you have someone in your life who love to fish? Right now Holiday Contests and Sweeps and her blogging friends are hosting a great giveaway where you can win some gear for yourself or a special fisherman/woman in your life. It could make a wonderful Father’s Day gift. This giveaway runs until May 30, 2015. Enter here. Good luck!

Spring Fishing 2015 Giveaway-Week 6

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Spring Fishing 2015 Giveaway Week 6
3 – Winners

Holiday Contests and Sweeps is pleased to team up with South Bend Sporting
Goods and Viatek Consumer Products to bring you the “Spring Fishing 2015 Giveaway”.
This giveaway will give 3 readers a Fishing Package that will contain two
great fishing trip items. Lets take a look at them!

The Multispecies Carded Combos feature a ball bearing drive reel, 2 piece fiberglass rod blank with ceramic guides, stainless steel cushioned hoods and an EVA handle. Also includes loaded reusable tackle kit and illustrated, easy-to-read instructions and rigging guide.

 Ready2Fish® is THE ORIGINAL and complete combo fishing system that gives any angler everything they need to start fishing today.
Don’t find yourself in the dark during an emergency. Illuminate shadows with a few minutes cranking of the handle. It’s perfect for the home, car, boat or campground and features versatile search light and lantern settings. A comfortable, easy-grip handle and hanging hook make it a cinch to carry and hang.

• Use at home, in the car or boat, or while camping
• One minute of cranking yields 30 minutes of light
• No power source needed
• Use as a tabletop or hanging lantern
• Use as a search light
• Encased in plastic and rubber material for reliable use, even in inclement weather
• Lightweight and easy to carry


Socket Genie Giveaway [Ends 6/09]

This giveaway is right up my boyfriend’s alley. He loves all kinds of gadgets and especially the ones that plug in! So what the heck is a Socket Genie? The Socket Genie is a cord-free universal charger with a charging dock for your smart phone on top. You can have multiple appliances plugged in and still charge your phone in any room of the house! The exchangeable adapters on top allow you to swap out any adapter and charge all different varieties of phones, tablets, e-readers, and more! And it even stores the adapters in the back! The Socket Genie also has USB plugs on the side to charge 2 additional devices. If you’ve got a mobile phone, you need the Socket Genie. This giveaway will run until June 9, 2015.

Socket Genie Giveaway

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Socket Genie Giveaway
to bring you a device that will take all the tangled device cords out of you life with
the Socket Genie. Three lucky winners will receive one of these each.


Interchangeable plugs to fit most devices…

Easy to switch between plug sizes…

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ENTER HERE and good luck!

Kawaii Box Giveaway [Ends 5/25]

I have written before about Kawaii Box and now I have learned of another chance to win one! Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription of all sorts of cute items Japan and Korea and costs $18.90 per month. Pretty cool! Right now, Rai from Blargle Fargle is giving her readers a chance to win one free Kawaii Box! The giveaway runs until May 25, 2015 and is very easy to enter. I am entering because I know my daughter would absolutely love it! Enter here. Good luck!

Memorial Day Giveaway [Ends 5/24]

In honor of Memorial Day, Holiday Contests and Sweeps and her blogging friends have put together another big giveaway. The giveaway runs until May 24, 2015. Enter here!

Memorial Day Giveaway Week 7

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway [Ends 5/25]

Have you heard of JORD watches? Jord (pronounced you’d) is Swedish for earth, soil, land. It makes sense because these are not your typical watches made from metals or plastic. JORD creates beautiful watches out of wood…yes, wood! I absolutely love the look of them. My favorite is the women’s Cora Series in Zebrawood and Turquoise. I haven’t worn a watch in years, but I would make an exception for one of these!

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway ends May 25th #jordwatch

Currently there is a wonderful opportunity to win a JORD gift certificate worth $159 toward the purchase of the winner’s choice of watch, plus free shipping. PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews and Freebies is hosting this new giveaway and it runs until May 25, 2015.


I think some important information to know when deciding to enter this giveaway is that the cost of JORD watches range from $120 to $295 so you may want to head over to JORD to make sure there is a watch that you like within the $159 limit. There are still plenty to chose from, and sure, you could opt to pay the difference, but that’s really no fun…

Marvelous May Giveaway [Ends 5/31]

marvelous may giveaway

May is my favorite month. The weather is perfect; we have Mother’s Day; Memorial Day; and my personal favorite, my birthday! Yay! So, to celebrate my birthday (not really), Katherine’s Corner and her blogger friends are hosting a marvelous giveaway. One lucky winner will receive $200 via PayPal and a ladybug gift pack (shown above). This giveaway will run until May 31 (my birthday…see I told you it was in my honor!). Enter here and good luck!

Marvelous May Giveaway Sponsors