Doggyloot Toy of the Month Club Review

I received no compensation of any kind for this blog post. I purchased this product at full retail price. All opinions are my own. Parts of this review were originally posted to the Doggyloot Facebook page on February 2, 2015. See original here. 

As I wrote in my previous post, Doggyloot is an online mail order pet supply company. My boyfriend, Matt and I have been customers of theirs for some time now and we love them. Their inventory varies so there is always something new to buy. Recently we subscribed to their Toy of the Month Club. It is very reasonably priced, only $8.99 for a small dog. The price varies by the size of your dog. If you have a medium or large dog you will pay more ($10.99 and $12.99). The first month we recieved a really nice toy. It is a stuffy, squeaky (and it rattles too) snake and Mickey loves it. Here is my review of that toy, originally posted to the Doggyloot Facebook page:


Mickey is back! Here he is viciously attacking the toy snake he got in the mail today from Doggyloot’s Toy of the Month program. Mickey is VERY hard on his toys. He has torn the ears from bunnies, ripped the noses off of hedgehogs, and chewed the fins off fish. The carnage only ends when all the stuffing has been strewn around the house and the plastic squeakers are gnawed to bits. This snake seems sturdy, but I’m sure eventually he will kill it too. It seems to be constructed of a hard plastic (no stuffing) which is good (no mess). It has multiple squeakers and it even rattles! Mickey once encountered a real life snake while we were camping. He was quite interested in it so I’m thinking this toy brings back good memories. 😉 He was very excited playing with this new toy and that makes me happy. Potential downside? Now he’s going to need a bedtime bone to help calm down! 🙂

Update: It has been over a month since I wrote this. Mickey still plays with this toy on a regular basis. Surprisingly, it is still fully intact! The second toy came a few weeks ago and it was not as much of a sucess. It was a rubber ball-like chewing toy that makes noises when it hits the ground after you throw it. He has not played with this toy much at all.

FullSizeRender (1)

Those are the only two toys that we received as part of the Toy of the Month Club, but we have purchased other toys from them individually. This next one was one that I thought for sure he would love, but I was wrong. It is a tire-like ball that makes various animal noises when your dog plays with it. Mickey was actually terrified of it. We should be getting our third Toy of the Month subscription box any time now, so I will update at that time.


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