Bedtime Bones from Doggyloot Review

I received no compensation of any kind for this blog post. I purchased this product at full retail price. All opinions are my own. Parts of this review were originally posted to the Doggyloot Facebook page on January 28, 2015. See original here


Doggyloot is an online mail order pet supply company. My boyfriend, Matt and I have been customers of theirs for some time now and we love them. Their inventory varies so there is always something new to buy. One of the first items that we tried were the Bedtime Bones. They are available in a monthly subscription package, but you can buy them by the box as well (if you can find them on their website). That is my only real complaint with the company, the website is somewhat difficult to navigate, if you are looking for something specific because there is no “search” feature. Beyond that, we absolutly love their products. Here is my review of the Bedtime Bones that we purchased from Doggyloot:

Dog Deals

Our dog, Mickey loves these Bedtime Bones that we ordered from Doggyloot. We are on our 3rd box already. He looks forward to getting one each night after his last walk of the day. He can sometimes be picky with his treats, but he has never turned his nose up at one of these. They’re organic and contain chamomile, supposedly to help your dog sleep; but since Mickey has never had any trouble with sleeping, I can’t speak to that. I do know he gobbles them up every time though. My only complaint would be that they do not come in a resealable bag, but I just put them in a ziplock baggie and that works fine.

Bedtime Bones™ - One Month Supply

It has been almost 2 months since I wrote and posted this review to the Doggyloot Facebook page. Since that time Mickey continues to love these bones. He still gets one every night and still has never turned one down. We have since subscribed to their Toy of the Month club and I will write about that in my next post…coming up. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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