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We are only a few days away from the release of Un-Hitched, Grant Camden’s novel and we are celebrating in a BIG, HUGE way!
Because Grant Camden is so very sexy, because it is spring, and mostly because Jillian Neal loves ya, she’s giving away an amazing prize package of her very favorite things.

And that’s not all – this week only, you can pick up Forever Wild, staring Grant’s rough and rugged big brother, Luke Camden, for only .99¢ This fan-favorite won’t go on sale again any time soon. Cowgirl-up and join the fun. Let Luke show off just how wild he can be.

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About Jillian:

Bestselling author, Jillian Neal, was not only born 30 but also came accessorized with loads of books and adorable handbags in which to carry them, at least that’s what she tells people. After earning a degree in education, she discovered that her passion could never be housed inside a classroom. A vehement lover of love and having maintained a lifelong affair with the awe-inspiring power of words, she set to turn the romance industry on its head. Her overly-caffeinated, troupe-spinning muse is never happy with the standard formula story. She believes every book should be brimming with passion, loaded with hot sexy scenes, packed with a gut-punch of emotion, and have characters that leap off the page and right into your heart.

Her first series, The Gifted Realm, defines contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. Her Gypsy Beach series will leave you longing to visit the sultry shores of the tiny bohemian beach town, and her erotic romance series, Camden Ranch, will make you certain there is nothing better than a cowboy with some chaps and a plan. The sheer amount of coffee required to keep all of those characters dancing in her head would border on lethal, so she unleashes their engaging stories on page after page of spellbinding reads.
Jillian lives outside of Atlanta with her own sexy sweetheart, their teenage sons, and enough stiletto heels, cowgirl boots, and flip-flops to exist in any of the fictional worlds she brings to life.
Author Links:
Website: http://jillianneal.com/
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jilliannealauthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JillianNeal_

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Tiago, by Cátia Skye, YA Contemporary Romance

Two shattered hearts. One unstoppable love.

Nominate Tiago, by debut YA Romance author Cátia Skye, for consideration by Kindle Scout and you could win a $25 Amazon Gift Voucher, and you could get to read the book for free! Scroll down for excerpts, blurb, author info and, of course, the giveaway!

Tiago, by Cátia Skye, Book Cover

New York, USA

Kezra, sixteen, dumped by her boyfriend of six months after he took her virginity, shocked by revelations about her father, falls into an abyss of panic and anxiety. On doctor’s orders, she is sent on a vacation to get away from pressures.

Lisbon, Portugal

Tiago, seventeen, has lost more than most lose in a lifetime, believes implicitly in the inevitable Portuguese Tragedy, has left the thug-life, has left school, is just trying to survive each new day.

Neither of them is looking for love…


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The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

I am no looker.

I’m not a dog either. But I am no looker.

Aylin used to say I was precocious. “Precocious when it comes to boys,” she’d say.

By the time I was done dating Conor, I said I was nothing but a fool.

I started dating too early. Antoni was the first guy I ever saw. I was fourteen, close to fifteen, sporting braces on my teeth. We shared a kiss, nothing passionate, innocent.

Until he touched my breasts and I went cold.

Fourteen. Was he a freaking idiot?

Dawson happened after that. It lasted three months. I was more grown up, more developed. My breasts, especially, were more developed.

I hate my breasts.

But it was Conor who would thrust me into the black world of adulthood with an indignant slap I am certain I will never forget.

I write because I am lonely.

I write because I hurt.

I write while tears drip from my eyes, turning the screen of my tablet into splotches of pixelated rainbows.

The way I was brought into this world has nothing to do with how I feel about love.

It has everything to do with how I feel about myself.

How much horror can a mind endure?

Are the pains of a sixteen-year-old laughed at by those older then her?

What pain did my mother suffer? (“Sometimes I went without food so that I wouldn’t have to take that bastard’s money, Kez.”)

My pain is nothing compared to what hers must have been. And yet, the pain I feel is phenomenal.


P.S. I Love You (2007)

Just before the sun rises, when the world is silent and the River Tejo laps gently at the stone steps leading to the giant Praça do Comércio square, leaves of golden sunlight shimmer above the surface of Lisbon’s great river. This is my favorite time to sit on these steps, flicking stones into the water, letting my gaze drift west toward the ocean.

And I think of her.

I do not weep anymore. My eyes are dry. I have wept this entire river twice over and still that will not bring her back.

The seagulls taunt me, cawing in accusation. I should have moved faster, they say. I should not have been so complacent with my joy.

I never deserved that joy. I know it.


Deadly is the Female (1950)

It is the week for meeting Americans. And if I thought my encounter with Dahlia went bad, then I can only compare my meeting with the one called Kezra to something just short of a nuclear war. It’s my fault, mostly. But it’s also her fault.

I would love to say that our first encounter is quaint and sweet, that it is the type of first-meeting you expect from a Rom-Com.

It is not.

It is a disaster.

And I am nothing short of a hungover bastard.

But let’s call a spade a spade. Guilt must be placed where guilt belongs. And this chick is a real stinker of a piece of work too.

I guess you could say I started it.

I did.

But she contributes gladly to the atomic chain reaction which follows.

Dare I say, I think she even revels in it.

Copyright © 2017, Cátia Skye. All Rights Reserved.


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About Cátia

Cátia Skye Avatar

Cátia Skye is a New-York-born, Portuguese-American gal who now resides in the romantic heart of Lisbon, Portugal. She is the single mother of one rambunctious little boy, and pens romance novels between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. each night when her boy finally falls asleep.

Tiago is her first novel.

Visit Cátia’s Website

Cover Reveal for Carve Me a Melody, New Music Box Romance Novel & Giveaway

Last year, The Soldier’s Bride won the Kindle Scout Publishing Award and that set Rachelle Christensen on the path to continue the Music Box Romance Series with characters that she fell in love with years ago.

Now The Soldier’s Bride is a Whitney Award Finalist and on a special sale for $1, but with all this celebration the next Music Box Romance novel didn’t want to be left out.

Carve Me a Melody is now available for preorder and here is the absolutely gorgeous cover designed by the ultra-talented, Kelli Ann Morgan.

IMG_3354Here’s a little about this story:

World War II has ended but the scars of the war have carved deep grooves in Sophie Wright’s heart. Now a widow with two young children, she returns home to Aspen Falls and meets Leland Halverson, a handsome carpenter who appears interested in her, but afraid of a relationship.

Leland wishes he was worthy of the beautiful Sophie, and he adores her two children, but his past still haunts him. Sophie knows that Leland fell apart after his little girl died and his wife left him, but she doesn’t know the real reason why.

Meanwhile, David Alexander, a decorated bomber pilot has returned to Aspen Falls, and Sophie catches his eye. Confused by the two vastly different choices of men, Sophie searches for answers from a heart that has betrayed her before.

When Sophie discovers a message inside a music box that Leland once owned, the pieces start to fit together. The enchanting melody urges her to share the secrets of her heart so that she can understand his. Leland knows the tune from the music box well and if he can find the courage, he’ll carve a melody for Sophie from the solid wood surrounding his heart.

Carve Me a Melody will be released on May 23, 2017 and you can preorder your copy today, right here.

To celebrate, Rachelle Christensen is hosting a giveaway for a $25 Amazon or PayPal gift card. Enter here.

Be sure to add this book to your Goodreads Want to Read list.

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Series Sales Blitz & Giveaway – T.O.E. Trilogy by Alecia Stone



9780957001961Ground Zero
T.O.E Trilogy, Book 3
Author: Alecia Stone
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: February 17th, 2016

Book Description:
It happens every 26,000 years.

Only a few ever survive.

This time …

No one will.

That is unless Charlie Blake can locate all four diamonds to restore the Talisman of El and receive his calling from the remaining three elements before the Annus Magnus strikes. With both Arcadia and the mortal world in a state of unrest, his life quickly spirals out of control as it seems everyone has put a bounty on his head. Maybe even his closest allies.

Not knowing who to trust, Charlie starts to dig up the past. When new revelations arise, he begins to question whether the Legion of Light really is what it claims to be and whether he’s been fighting for the wrong side all along. The line between good and evil is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be, especially when it appears Charlie’s destiny could very well be to destroy everything he loves.

Hero or villain? Charlie isn’t so sure anymore.

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The crowd outside the cafe had scattered, the lingering bystanders making a move only upon Charlie’s approach. He exited the cafe onto a wide cobblestone street with buildings left, right and centre. Whispers travelled among the frantic crowd as people shot wary glances at him. The gunshots had to have been heard some distance away. He had to move. He held his palm up to his face for the second time and then glanced left and right along the street. The place somewhat resembled a market, stalls lining both sides of the street. Charlie caught sight of a large yellow phone icon with the word Publitel beneath it.

Heading in the direction of a castle-like building with a corner tower topped with a domed kiosk, he made haste towards the phone sign. He got only a few feet when he heard a noise that made him look to the sky. He stopped, his blood running cold as he gazed at the flock of birds moving across the clear blue sky, all heading in the same direction. The last time he had seen this many birds, he’d been standing in a graveyard. After the birds had come an army of the dead. The only difference between then and now was that this wasn’t a vision.

This can’t be good, he thought as he glanced around him. People had stopped what they were doing to look at the sky. Taking this moment to slip away unnoticed, Charlie took off again but stopped almost immediately when he spotted the uniformed officers moving through the crowd ahead of him. Whirling around, he took off in the opposite direction, his pace measured at first but after a few glimpses behind him and realising that he’d been made, he started to sprint.

He ran down a narrow, winding market alley covered by huge supportive eaves, two police officers hot on his tail. Charlie made his way through a warren of alleyways lined with closely packed white-washed houses with blue details. Everything looked the same. For all he knew, he could have been running in circles. Whichever way he turned, a circuit of walls surrounded him, but as lost as he felt, he had to keep going or risk being caught.

As he ran from alley to alley, he kept wondering if his parents had set him up. Then he chastised himself for even thinking such thoughts. He turned a corner and came to an abrupt halt. Two more officers had joined the chase. The situation suddenly intensified when the officers opened fire. Charlie picked up pace. He had no abilities but his senses were still sharp, allowing him to put a good distance between him and the officers. By now, he knew Azrael wasn’t coming. He was on his own. Whatever was causing his disconnection from the archangel, it had to be linked to him having no abilities.

After finally losing sight of the officers, he spotted a shaded tunnel with a lantern right above the entrance that he headed towards. As he approached the tunnel, he bounded off the adjoining wall and caught hold of the lantern pole and swung himself up onto it. With the aid of a semi-circular balcony, he made his way up onto the roof of a two-storey building and ducked out of sight.

Situations like this, no one had prepared him for. Mortal combat involved a lot more compromises than battling with Archons, he realised. Sure, he could easily execute the officers and give himself a good head start, but there was no guarantee they were immortal. With a demon, he wouldn’t have thought twice about his actions.

The sound of raised voices and hurried footsteps clotted Charlie’s eardrums. Keeping low, he scurried over to the other end of the roof and peered over the edge. He spotted a few awnings and about a dozen folks in the market alley below. Crouching down, he closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. He singled out each sound, mapping the area in his head. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and stood up, shooting his gaze around the surroundings as he contemplated the best way to escape the maze he was trapped in.

The ancient walled city was situated on rising ground, the tallest structure being a circular watchtower that had to be nearing ninety feet, which was a good distance from where he was standing. The buildings within close proximity were no greater than three or four storeys high, ideal for Charlie, who saw a good means of staying off the radar.

He didn’t waste any time deliberating. He leaped across the seven-foot gap, landing on the opposite roof with a thud. For the next three minutes, Charlie travelled via rooftops. When he rejoined the masses on the ground level, the atmosphere appeared a lot different. People were no longer gawking or chasing after him.

As he headed along a busy street, he felt a tremor under his feet that made him look down, but he kept going. It wasn’t until the third tremor that he finally stopped. The vibration was light at first, but then the shaking became more intense. It seemed almost as if the earth was coming apart but everything was still intact.

Charlie glanced up and down the street. Everyone had stopped what they were doing. Panic didn’t set in until a horrific noise blasted across the city. He didn’t recognise the sound. At one point, the noise resembled that of a jet engine building up. Were they under attack? Immediately, Charlie thought Gaddis’s minions had found him. He looked up at the sky, not sure what he would find. Nothing flew by overhead.

Then the screaming started. Charlie glanced away from the sky and saw people scattering in the distance. The folks nearby looked just as confused as he felt. Although he didn’t know what was happening, he didn’t stand around and wait to be trampled by the frantic group rushing towards him. He took to the street along with the crowd.

Chaos reigned everywhere.

‘Water, water,’ Charlie heard someone behind him yell in Arabic.

Before he knew it, he found himself being knocked off his feet by a strong force from behind. He landed in shallow water. When he got to his feet, another burst of water hit him; so strong and fast moving it was that it almost sent him hurling to the ground again, but he managed to stay on his feet, braced against a car. The water was up to his knees now and was moving with such speed that he could barely move his feet against the current.

It was suddenly very windy. Slowly, the screaming started to fade as the engine noise became louder. When the car Charlie was leaning against started to shift, he made a move, just in time as another vehicle made a strong impact, denting the side of the car he had been leaning against. Standing in the middle of what used to be a street but now looked like a river, people scattering all around him, he saw what had the folk of Tunisia in hysteria. Rushing towards him at a great speed was a black wall of water, maybe three to four storeys high. The huge wave smashed everything and anything in its path.

Charlie whirled around and powered through the water. Each time he glanced behind him, he saw the monstrous wave swallowing people as it gunned for him. The water was just a few feet away when he spotted a young woman kneeling on the bonnet of a car ahead of him, her eyes wide with terror as she stared at the oncoming wave.

‘Run,’ Charlie yelled, but she didn’t budge. He wasn’t even sure she had heard him. Taking two big leaps, he lunged forward. The moment he made contact with the woman, the wave hit him hard.

Other Books in the T.O.E. Series

9780957001923Talisman Of El
T.O.E. Trilogy, Book 1
Publication Date: May 20, 2012
Publisher: Centrinian

Book Description:

One Planet.

Two Worlds.

Population: Human … 7 billion.

Others … unknown.

When 14-year-old Char­lie Blake wakes up sweat­ing and gasp­ing for air in the mid­dle of the night, he knows it is hap­pen­ing again. This time he wit­nesses a bru­tal mur­der. He’s afraid to tell any­one. No one would believe him … because it was a dream. Just like the one he had four years ago – the day before his dad died.

Char­lie doesn’t know why this is hap­pen­ing. He would give any­thing to have an ordi­nary life. The prob­lem: he doesn’t belong in the world he knows as home.

He belongs with the others.

Buy Links:
Amazon US ¦ UK


T.O.E. Trilogy, Book 2
Publication Date: March 19, 2014
Publisher: Centrinian

Book Description:
What was shall no longer be. What was not shall now become.

Despite having the protection of the talisman and the Legion, a reforming force of warrior angels and elementals, guarding his every move, things are not looking good for Charlie Blake. Tasked with the responsibility of saving mankind, finding the four diamonds to restore the talisman is all he can think of, but when his prophetic visions start to invade his reality and he suddenly can’t distinguish the dream world from the real world, the pending extinction of mankind becomes the least of his problems. Everyone assumes Charlie’s dormant powers are activating, until he starts showing symptoms of a deadly disease.

With his nemesis, Gaddis, threatening the lives of his loved ones, he faces a race against time to locate the Stone of Raphael, the air diamond, before an imminent pandemic destroys civilization. As he ventures into dangerous lands once again, he unearths shocking revelations about his past life that forces him to question his allegiance. With no one to turn to for answers, he can’t help but wonder if his purpose is truly to save mankind.

Buy Links:
Amazon US ¦ UK


toe-trilogy-avatar-fbAbout the Author
Alecia Stone has been in love with anything and everything paranormal for many years. She grad­u­ated with a BA in Film & TV and had worked in tele­vi­sion for a short period of time before branch­ing out into storytelling. When she isn’t writ­ing, she enjoys going to the movies, lis­ten­ing to music and travelling. Talisman Of El is her first novel. She currently lives in England, UK.

Author Links:
Website ¦ Twitter ¦ Facebook (Author) ¦ Facebook (Trilogy) ¦ Pinterest ¦ Goodreads


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